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Regular Data Cleansing

The Impact of Regular Data Cleansing

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Data cleansing is an on-going process of ensuring any data you hold is up to date, accurate and opted-in. It removes any records that are incorrect/irrelevant or opt-out. As data is such a vast industry, with many forms of business and consumer marketing data lists available, regular data cleansing is vital for both compliance and marketing performance.

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Business Insurance

Business Insurance Marketing Campaigns

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The insurance industry is highly competitive. There are many rival companies out there competing for the same prospects as yourselves. Therefore, it is key that you stand head and shoulders above the rest in their eyes. A key way to accomplish this is through highly targeted marketing campaigns. Building brand awareness and trust with your prospects is imperative for the growth of your company.

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Marketing As a Long-Term Investment

Why Marketing is a Long-Term Investment

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Marketing is a process of building relationships and trust with your prospects. Over time, they become more familiar with your company and are more likely to become customers. However, the process of marketing is not necessarily a ‘quick fix’. In fact, marketing should be seen as a long-term investment for your business and not merely a one-off expense.

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Marketing Trials

Marketing Trials – Does the Holy Grail Exist?

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We have all been in a position where we want to bring on new business and are considering new marketing techniques to facilitate this. As there are so many marketing solutions let alone marketing companies out there professing they are ‘THE’ one, it can be difficult to know where to go and there is a certain fear of the unknown. As a result, a lot of companies offer marketing trials.

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Telemarketing Campaigns

Achieving Successful Telemarketing Campaigns

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It is a common misconception that telemarketing is merely a ‘numbers game’. There are a number of different factors that influence the eventual success or failure of a telemarketing campaign. The human element that comes with telemarketing distinguishes it from other marketing methods. However the set up and management must be effective or the campaign will fail. Through providing call centre activities for a number of years, we understand how to achieve a successful telemarketing campaign.

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